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I would just like to say how amazing Lara is, and the work she does, not just for us but even in her hoodoo. I sent her a dollar with my name on the back, and she did her hoodoo work dance wiggle thing on it *snickers* And while I was doing laundry today, I pulled my pants out of the dryer. Now I always check the pockets for money buttons or anything you tend to collect when you've a little boy. And when I pulled my pants from the dryer I found a $10 bill in there. That is my sign that what she's doing is working and it excites me to know that, and I'm sure it makes her happy to know she's learning. So I just wanted to let people know that its awesome work she does. ~Kelly (Update: Client received a brand new $800 computer as a gift within the three weeks of doing the work for her.)

Thank you Lara for the candles you lit for my job, Good news,,,,,,,,, IT WORKED. I got my job back and she said she made a mistake the first time around. I will only be working 35 hours a week, but that is better than nothing. I am just very happy and relieved now. You are the best! I love you ~Samantha (Update: Work was sluggish, took a full five weeks to complete, but had partial supplies on hand.)

I just wanna say THANK YOU, LARA! Your reading really hit home and opened my eyes, helping me understand what needs to be done. Your reading was -very- accurate and extremely helpful. I cannot thank you enough hun! Now for that backbone... ~ Jibara

Thank you Lara! Your reading on my job hunt was spot on right down to the big boss. You've helped me make a decision on something I've been on the fence about for quite sometime. ~ Myr

Lara is good, about a month ago she found my keys, then today she found my glasses and i hadn't even told her I had lost them ~ Ele

Lara knew some things that were going on that she couldn't have and knew of a suspicion I have had for a little while now. She's pretty accurate. ~Xana

I've had my tarot read before, I've had my tea leaves read before. Lara's tarot was more accurate than any of those to me. I can honestly say, there were things she mentioned that only certain family members or my best friend knew about. Her insight on my situation will definitely be helpful! ~ Caitria

Lara is amazing she is dead on. Its scary I got goose bumps she did a tarot card reading for me and it was amazing she told me about my current situation and it was exactly right! She does not know me personally and I am giving this shout out to let everyone know she is the real deal! Thankx Laura ~Moon

Welp, I called Lara the other day because we had misplaced the key to one of our cars. She told me she saw it with a bunch of other things jumbled up, other keys and stuff that might be found in a junk drawer. Later on that evening my uncle said he found the key, it was in a box of stuff that he had emptied out of a junk drawer. Totally awesome ~Lia

The other day in chat I asked Lara if she had anything akin to an apartment-summoning spell, seeing as my search was turning into one big frustration. 'Lo and behold, I was presented with not one, not two, but FOUR promising prospects, and am planning on moving into the new place either late this week or early next week. ~Marja

*Bows gratefully to the great Lara* she put my name in the lamp thingie! and suddenly all my worries for money where over XD my mom randomly decided to give me the money I needed for my college... and she has never given me money before! I'm very thankful! ~Leo

Lara is just utterly amazing! She's done so much for me and I just can't thank her enough. Just recently she did a road opening hoodoo thingie for me and it worked greatly. I now have a nice though a bit tiring job. I got the call to work there after having put my application in about nine months ago. Thank you soo much hon! Now I just gotta get over being away from Aiden! ~Mia

If Lara keeps helping me I don't know what I'll do XD I've been having Sleep problems... and now I sleep like a baby XD never used to sleep XD feels soooooo good *Drools as he falls asleep* ~Leo



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